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Terms and Conditions

The Right Mortgage has negotiated and agreed enhanced commission rates and services with specific protection product providers.  By completing this online application form you are agreeing to join The Right Mortgage Proection Panel thus giving you access to the enhanced commissions and services for the named providers.  You agreeing to go through The Right Mortgage selected providers and have the understanding that the named providers  will be accessed via the The Right Mortgage route and not through any other agency agreement you may already have.

You agree that The Right Mortgage may instruct the named providers to freeze any existing agencies for new business (you will still be able to service old agency agreements).

You agree that The Right Mortgage may receive their share of the commission payment directly from the named providers; you pass on the right to receive such commission to us.

You will remain responsible for clawback of your share of the commission under the terms of business held with the named providers.

The Right Mortgage takes no liability for advice given in relation to these products and services now or at any time in the future.