Cura Financial Services (Special Risks Bureau) is an established protection broker that specialises in providing life cover, critical illness insurance and income protection for clients in challenging circumstances. They work with advisers to help place cover for clients who have been declined or are struggling to obtain cover, especially in relation to pre-existing medical conditions, hazardous occupations and foreign travel.

Info about Cura

At Cura almost all of the business they write is non standard, quirky, impaired, whatever word you prefer to use. They have great relationships with insurers allowing them to have cases considered that normally may not. As well as access to non-underwritten life policies, including some for the under 50s. They can also write business with Lloyds syndicates via a number of sources for the very difficult to place cases.

  • They specialise in writing hard to place protection
  • They take the advice liability for any business written
  • They don’t cross-sell other products
  • They keep both you and the client up to date at every step
  • You’ll earn commission where otherwise there might be none
  • Free up your time to focus on other business
  • Most importantly, your client obtains vital protection!

Help your clients with

  • Clients with HIV or hepatitis
  • People with High BMIs
  • Clients with history of mental illness, suicide attempts or drug/alcohol problems
  • Cover for clients with a history of cancer, heart attacks and strokes
  • Cover for civilians and armed forces personnel working in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Protection for offshore workers, helicopter pilots and commercial divers

Case studies

A 62 year old company director suffering with the following conditions:

  • High BMI
  • High blood pressure
  • Underactive thyroid
  • Ulcer on leg with continuing treatment
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Knee replacement due in 3-6 months time

Cover arranged: Total cover of £351,000 arranged for protection of loan and mortgage at £143.20pm. Premiums reduced after a year of cover post operation.

A 44 year old IT technician working for the MOD, due to the client’s specific job role this was leading him to work in Afghanistan. As the client was not working in the armed forces and worked overseas, most providers had declined the cover.
Cover arranged: Arranged with a monthly premium of £142.30 for life cover of £150,000.

A 38 year old doctor with Hepatitis B wanted full income protection cover to protect his income. Due to the severity of the condition, most providers were unable to provide cover.
Cover arranged: Arranged with a monthly premium of £112.35 for £3,800pm long term income protection.

How to process a case

  1. Call or email Cura to discuss a potential case
  2. They will discuss with you first and present any options to you
  3. If you feel your client maybe interested then they will engage the client
  4. They make a recommendation and take full advice liability
  5. They are responsible for all compliance and administrative documentation
  6. Case goes on risk and they pay commission to you

Contact details

For more information or to discuss a potential case please call Cura on 01723 518 140 or email